Friday, November 30, 2007

Vitamins and Sex

It is important to remember that if you do not feel very good, your sexual attraction will suffer just like the rest of the body. Many statements were made on the interconnection of vitamin E and the sexual activity. The studies have indeed shown that it increases the ability to fecundation for women and helps men to restore male sexual potency.

The fact that Vitamin E really affects the sexual attraction for men and women, still requires proof, but many people are taking vitamin E convinced about its efficiency and very happy about this.

Another nutrient that deserves attention is Zinc. The largest percentage of Zinc is found in the men prostate, and the lack of this mineral can lead to testicular atrophy and cause changes in the prostate gland.

Group B Vitamins help us to release energy, have beneficial effects on the nervous and immune systems, metabolism. They also stimulate sperm maturation and participate in the processes of puberty.

With the admission of large doses of Vitamin C people begin to feel greater sexual desire and may experience more intense orgasms. But remember that the large doses also can have bad effects. Be careful!

Vitamin A helps improve the generation of large amount of seed fluid. Also, vitamin A is a necessary ingredient for the synthesis of sex hormones, for the both sexes.

The vitamins, which support our energy level also contribute a lot to the sexual activity.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sour, Sweet or Salty Food?

If you sometimes are longing for the acid, the salty or the sweet meals, it means that yor body gives you specific signals. But how to understand them?

Sweet foods

Food produces with the sweet taste is, first and foremost, a powerful antidepressant. The habit to eat sweets when emotionally hurt or disturbed is typical especially for women. If you find that you have this passion, perhaps you should look for the cause in psychological discomfort, and try to resolve issues of conflict in the family and at work.

The consumption of sweet is just an escape from some problems, but leading to others - extra weight, diabetes and others. The amount of eaten sweet has to be reduced gradually, replacing it with light physical loads or detracting on interesting occupations.

When there is an urgent need of "sweets", it is better to have dried fruits, which supplies the organism with necessary substances and does not bring harm. If that was not enough, you can eat a piece of dark chocolate, a marmalade - only comply with the measure, try to eat not more than 20-30 grams per day of these delicacies.

Sower (Acidic) foods

If there is a desire for "sourness", it may be that you immunity asks the assistance. This way the body is trying to fill the deficiency of vitamin C. That is why the appetite for meals with acidic taste can be a signal of the beginning of the cold or increasing body temperature. For example, cranberries can effectively cope with various inflammations, especially urological types.

The sudden passion for the acidic food may manifest signs of any kind of toxemia. When the poisonous substances get into the body, the immune system cells are trying to neutralize them and "call" on the assistance of vitamin C. So don't be surprised when desiring to eat a lemon having nausea - it indeed may bring relief.

By the way, if you were for lunch and couldn't help to eat too fatty foods, finish it with a sour cheese or something. Almost all sour (acidic) products decompose fats and improve the food digestion.

Salted foods

Ironically, but true: often salted meals are wanted when dehydrated. The use of salt, that is, sodium, is the easiest way to keep the fluid in the body. Slightly salted water will also be the salvation in the heat impact, because sodium maintains the temperature balance of the body. The constant lack of sodium in the body leads to the consumption of olives, as well as marinades of all types.

Marine boundless love for cabbage, often replacing salt, may indicate a lack of iodine in the body. In addition, perhaps drawn to the "solenenkoe" because of the disruption of the thyroid gland. If those passions are not linked to pregnancy, it is best to appear vrachu-endokrinologu.