Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is the sugar harmful?

The sugar is glucose, necessary for almost all processes associated with metabolism. Consequently, one would think that sugar is useful. However, to the dissapointment of everyone who loves sweets, it is not.

Because the refined sugar, honey or sweeteners such as maple syrup, brown sugar and white flour, represent carbohydrates, which do not contain essential nutrients, or contain them in very small quantities. Thus, in the body are supplied the net carbohydrates that have no significance for metabolism. To ensure the filing of the body with necessary substances, in addition to the sweets it is needed to eat other products, which means to consume more calories than expended, resulting in the addition of weight.

Persons who eats sugar, need vitamin B1 (thiamine).  It is necessary in the digestion of carbohydrates and to turn them into glucose. Because sugar and other sweeteners do not contain vitamin B 1, or contain it in very small quantities, it must be presented in the body with other products. Thus, sugar truly can be called a robber in relation to vitamin B 1. Products made of solid raw grains, legumes and potatoes, on the contrary, along with other vitamins, minerals and trace elements contain enough thiamine, which is keeping in working condition our brains and ensure that we have "iron nerves."

This does not mean that you should completely avoid the sugar. The consumption of sweets in moderation and with concerned "additives" will certainly help to lift your mood. Thus, if you eat sweet foods, be sure your menu includes products containing vitamin B1, such as products from whole raw grains, legumes and lean pork.

It is not that sweet dessert dishes are in principle harmful. Simply, we must increasingly turn to natural sweeteners.