Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vitamins Will Be Chafed Into The Skin

The new method was developed by scientists from the Israeli Microbiological company Tagra.
With their efforts have been established the micro-capsules containing a nutritive substance (i.e. vitamin), and surrounded by some coverage.

This coverage has a special feature: the capsules (their shape resemble with some peculiar soft powder) can be jammed in the hands, rubbed with the fingers - they remain untouched.

But if such a tiny capsule just barely gets in cream, gel, or any similar substance to them, the protective coating immediately becomes flexible and mitigated. When the capsules are then taken in hands, and the person begins to rub them into her skin, they collapse, and the nutrients get directly into the skin.

It must be said that there is no interaction between the cream or the surrounding world, and the substances inside the capsules, as long as the capsule coverage is not broken. So, in case of taking micro-capsules, there cannot happen any unnecessary and too early contacts that may affect the quality of the contents of the capsule.

In the micro-capsules can be put anything: any natural or artificial vitamins for the skin, substances that are used to care for skin, and the like. All they fully maintain their healing force, no matter how long they stay inside those capsules.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do Vitammins Have Anti-depressing Effect?

Any emotionally-nervous stress exceeds the consumption of vitamins, and their deficit increases the impact of stress on the body, and first of all we need to fill the Group B vitamins supply, which play an important role in the nervous system, as well as antioxidant-vitamins (C, E , beta). But, if the body gets the necessary dose of vitamins, do not expect additional effects by increasing the dose.

A very important factor in the fight against stress manifestations is your diet.
Avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs, which can cause bad mood. It is not a secret that an ideally balanced diet can be achieved only with the use of biologically active food additives. Active components of food additives (vitamin supplements) correct diet in a way that,
first: activate the body's own anti-stress mechanisms;
secondly: implement elements with properties to suppress the stress effects.

Remember: Taking vitamins does not mean it will help to handle stress. Its cause can be in many other issues - so find it first (the cause) and then act for getting rid of it.